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Tomorrow, one day, some day……

Does this sound like you? Always putting things off?

I know a lot of people who want greater things in life and they have the desire and the ambition, but they missing the ‘DO’ part. You often hear them say, “I will do it one day…I’ll get to it someday”.

It is not as difficult as it may seem to stop being a procrastinator and becoming an action-taker.

Self-discipline is the KEY. 

The good news is that self-discipline is NOT a personality trait that either you have, or you don’t have. It is a skill that can be learned and developed.

Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, the secret to success revolves around your ability to recognize and deal with the part of you that offers resistance.  The next time your self-discipline is about to go off- track, ask yourself, “How can I get myself to do the thing I should be doing?”

Here are 7 steps to improve daily:

1. Start with WHY?

Re-examine WHY this is important to you and increase your sense of purpose. Fuel it with your passion and stay focused. ‘If you why is big enough, you can overcome any HOW’, said Viktor Frankl.

2. Persistence and determination are the keys to self-discipline.

Persistence is cultivated, and is habit forming. Never give up. If you’re off track, get back on immediately. Repeat.

3. Eat your frog first.

(this is a saying BTW, for all you adventurous types): Making a CHOICE to do the worst job first and get it out the way. A frog is synonymous with the things you don’t want to do, but actually need to do.  Make the choice to do this daily, commit to yourself you want to change and acknowledge it is not going to be easy. Growth is uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

4. 30 Day Principle.

Practice, practice, practice. The more you practise this, the better you will become. Self-discipline is a muscle that we all can exercise. Practice taking action daily for more than 30 days in a row and keep a record. Use a 5 by 6 grid and tick the days off as you take action. If you miss a day, start again. Neuroscience has proven that it takes 30 days, without missing a single day, to develop a new habit.

5. Reflection is valuable.

Some more good news: – If you find out, after trying, that you miss certain tasks or goals, just think about it for a while, and think why it happened, and reflect on how to avoid it happening again. What specific steps can you take next time to be better? Journal the insights from your reflection, and implement them into your life.  You will improve a little more each day.

6. Embrace the process.

It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up. Learn to focus on your daily improvement over your lifetime and embrace the process. Be persistent, yet patient.

7. Adopt a “Do It Now” attitude.

The way you think, day in and day out, affects all aspects of your life. Awareness of your “internal dialogue” will help you recognize your thought patterns and how they may be affecting the way you manage your time and manage yourself. Tip: Every day, whilst in the shower, or when getting dressed repeat: ‘Do It Now’ fifty times. It sinks into your subconscious mind and slowly affects how you behave. This works! Try it.

You are responsible for what happens with your life. Make the most of it.  There is a proverb that states, “Life is a Do-it-Myself Project. I take the credit or the blame for my performance”. We are God created, but we are ‘self-moulded’.

Cancel the following words from your vocabulary, ‘One day, some day’.  Replace with, ‘Do it now!’

START! MAKE IT HAPPEN! It will only get BETTER AND BETTER over time.

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