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Why I teach The Silva Method and what I bring to the program?
2011 was the most challenging year of my life. [I was in a new job, in a new company, in a new city, in a new country and in a new industry. The learning curve was just too steep and I became overwhelmed and overworked trying to keep my head above water.] The more stressed I became, the more I felt like I was losing control and all aspects of my life took a downward spiral for 18 long months. I became physically ill. No treatment could halt my declining health which was all stress related from anxiety and fear of failure at work. Worst of all, I lost all my confidence. After attempting many programs, courses and treatment to no avail, one night, feeling quite desperate, I was blessed to come across the Silva Method™ on the internet, originated by José Silva in 1966. I read a testimonial on the website that really inspired me, so I immediately did the program.

Success, Health and Confidence: In just 5 months my life completely turned around. I went from a place of being afraid of being fired, to becoming top sales person in the company. My health came back 100% and most importantly, I got my confidence back. Confidence is everything, and yes! You can change it.

Sudden Turn of Events: Fast forward to July 2012. Something happened that I never could have expected. Suddenly and tragically, my younger brother Gianmarco (Giammi) passed on. Napoleon Hill says: “Within every temporary defeat lies the seed of an equivalent advantage.” If anyone told me that at the time I would have said they were crazy. However, there is much truth in that, because this tragedy brought me to a cross roads in my own life which has been biggest blessing. It caused me to reflect on my own life and ask: what if I died tomorrow, was I really happy with my life? The truth was I was experiencing “unfulfilling success”, working in a corporate job with all the material things in life covered, but with this feeling deep inside that “there’s got to be more to life than this”.

All I knew was I wanted my life to count, I wanted to make a difference in my time here and I wasn’t sure how, I just had this knowing. I wanted my life to have PURPOSE. I was ready for change.

Finding my Life Purpose: I never knew what my life purpose was my whole life. The good news is that the Silva Method substantially develops intuition and helped me find my life purpose. Three months after Giammi passed I got this guided feeling, this hunch, this intuitive insight to join the John Maxwell Team. The day I applied, I knew this would somehow, someway, change my life. I didn’t know how, but I knew I was being guided to something bigger and more significant.

In the John Maxwell Team I was blessed to have a mentor come into my life who taught me a powerful lesson. He said never ask: what is your life purpose? Rather ask: what are you passionate about? Because in your passion lies your God-given purpose.

The very first day I ever gave a talk on leadership as a fun Lunch ‘n Learn at work in my corporate job, I found myself telling a friend afterwards that I loved giving that talk! I loved it with a passion. The minute I said those words, I got spiritual chills all over and I remembered my mentor’s words: in your passion lies your God-given purpose. I got inspired by the idea that THIS could possibly be my life purpose. Then the doubts came flooding in. I realised had many limiting beliefs standing in the way of what my whole heart wanted to do. This was my DREAM, and I had some limiting beliefs to change to ever live my dream.

Overcoming Doubts, Fears and Limitations: From that day on wards I used the Silva Method to work on all my limiting beliefs about not having any experience, or not being able to make enough money doing what I love to do (training, speaking and coaching) or not being good enough.

Dreams Do Come True: The rest is history. In 2015 I left corporate to follow my dream and best yet, I became a Silva Method trainer to teach this others to help them in all areas of their lives, so that everyone can find their purpose, and live the life of their own design and be happy, healthy and wildly successful.

Blessed to Live My Passion: I am passionate about helping people access and develop more of their potential. My greatest joy is empowering people to step outside their comfort zone and become the grandest version of themselves.

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