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I am sure you have often been asked, “Do you know your Life Purpose?”

When asked this question most people feel a bit uncomfortable and get a strange look on their face.  They usually don’t have an answer and don’t have a clue.

Is there some mysterious way to finding your life purpose? Is it such a difficult thing to do?

The answer is “No”.
It is actually very simple. Ask a different question.
Ask yourself: What is that thing that you are really passionate about….that inspires you.  

You may love your job. However, is there something else that you could also do that would really bring you great happiness, and more importantly a deep sense of fulfilment?

Find that something which will make you look forward to getting up in the morning.

When you Yearn to do something or Desire something, you jump out of bed in the morning – just wanting to get going. (Unless of course you had one of those nights ….)

In all seriousness, Desire, Passion, Enthusiasm is the Spark, the Ignition, and the Energy that will tell you simply what your life purpose is. It is no big deal….it is simply doing something that you love and at the same time will indirectly or directly help others around you.  Life Purpose always relates to others. This may even mean stepping out of your comfort zone.

In Australia we say, “You have to Risk it to get the Biscuit!”

I say, “The Yearn will create the Burn”.

Have a burning desire, start, and follow through.
So, does this attract luck?

Once you find your life purpose, you will be happier and you will automatically develop a positive energy field…. and it will seem that luck follows you wherever you go.  We live in a Universe of Attraction.  The more time you spend creating that positive energy doing that thing that you love, the more you will attract the right people, events and circumstances into your life. Doors will keep opening, things will keep working out for you and people will look at you and say, “Wow, luck seems to follow you wherever you go!!

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