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Living in the Flow: Part One

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This is the last chapter of Part One of the book ‘Living in the Flow’ which is the title of my book. Living in the flow is the sweet spot of the conversion of your three highest priorities: having an awareness of your constant connection to source energy – and tapping into that power; finding your life’s purpose, and developing your intuition.

When you have those as your highest priorities, you then live on purpose, live a guided life, and live with faith – which is trust without reservation that things will work out for you.

When all these conditions exist at the same time, this is what living in the flow is really like – living like water. Water flows, it’s moving with the current, going with life itself. It’s the absence of friction and resistance. It’s easy-going. If you could live like water, you too would live in the flow.

 How does this translate into your life and how do you know you are living in the flow from a physical level, an emotional level, a mental level, a social level and a spiritual level?  I explain this in my book and also share some personal stories.

I also share with you the astounding book ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael A. Singer. His stories about when he did surrender to life, just went with the flow of life, and said ‘Yes’ to whatever showed up and stopped questioning things with his own agenda, literally changed my life. I highly recommend his book. He also mentions another book which I recommend and which changed my life profoundly, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Yogananda. I thought I understood the nature of reality and how life works until I read this book. You will never see life through the same lens again.

 In my book I explain that living in the flow doesn’t just happen – it is going in the direction of  the flow of life, saying ‘Yes’ when things come your way even when they seems different to your own agenda, your own thought-out path, or your own timing.

‘Your Highest Priority’ was Part One of the book ‘Living In The Flow’.  I will share more with you in Part Two of the book – ‘Living Beyond Yourself’.

Otherwise have a wonderful day and God bless.

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