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Living in the Flow: Part One

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Finding your life purpose has got to be the single most important goal you could ever have in your life, hands down. It is something I am very passionate about because my whole life I never knew what mine was. In fact, I was very frustrated by the term. I was even annoyed sometimes because for me it was such an enigma. I didn’t even know what the term really meant.

In 2012, on the 4th of July, I suddenly and tragically lost my younger brother. It was that life-changing event that really brought me to a place in my life that, for the first time, I really questioned my own life purpose. I was determined to find it, and to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Sometimes that is what life does. It brings us to the crossroads. Losing someone very close, especially like Giammi because he was only 21 when he died,

I thought to myself, ‘I am still alive. What if I died tomorrow?’  What am I doing? Am I really happy?’  Happiness is often misunderstood. We often think that we will become happy by acquiring something, or the achievement of a goal, but then you are still dissatisfied. It’s only when we find our life purpose, really living it every day that we live with a sense of contentment and fulfilment.

If you have already found your life purpose, I have some tips on how you can expand on that and express it more in this world.

 Your life purpose is not some mystery. Your life purpose is the mission you give yourself. Why were you born? Why are you here? If you cannot answer that question, then what is it all about? What are you meant to achieve by the time that you pass on? We have to discover our life purpose.

 Your life purpose absolutely makes use of your unique talents and gifts which you were born with. It’s your signature on this planet, and even if many people have the same talent or the same gift, the way you express it is unique, just like your fingerprint.

 It is always about serving and relating to others. It can never be a self- indulged ambition or a personal goal of achievement. It’s about the contribution that you make in this world to improve things. The real word is Dharma – improving things for humanity.

 Life purpose is something that you are passionate about; something that you love to do. There is a saying, ‘In your passion lies your God-given purpose.’ What are you passionate about? Think about everything from when you were a child until now.

Once you get a glimpse of this thing, it kind of calls you. It’s almost like falling in love. It’s continuously calling you – just like the word ‘vocation’ from the Latin word ‘vocari’ – ‘that to which you are drawn’. It is something that is unique to you, and the way that you express it. You get compliments for it. Think about a time when you had a wonderful day and you shared that with someone, what were you doing on that day that made it so wonderful? There is a clue there.

 Life purpose is like the sun in our solar system. All the planets revolve around the sun – the centre-point. Once you discover your life purpose, you are then grounded. You then know why you are here. This is important because it helps you make all the decisions in your life far more easily and gracefully. It becomes a filter through which you judge, “Should I be doing that or that?” Life gets a certain flow about it, and you live with a sense of meaning serving others and adding value.  In my book there are a whole lot of valuable ways that you can find your life purpose by going through the questionnaire. Take your time to answer the questions as they will really help you. Over and above the questionnaire, it really takes three things. The first one is a true desire to discover what your life purpose is, with the intention of serving others. The second thing is, you have got to have a constant question in your heart, not in your head, about what you really love spending your time doing.  Thirdly, have an open mind that it is possible to live your purpose every day. Even if right now you think it is improbable, it’s possible.

My friends I’ll leave you with that. Look out for the next video. Have a wonderful day and God bless.

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