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Living in the Flow: Part 2

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Today I am going to talk about a constant connection to Source and how this is one of your highest priorities. In fact, you can never be disconnected but it’s up to us to stay connected. Your physical body is that connector; it’s like a conduit. Your consciousness and Source Energy are always one.

The reason I started the book with this as Chapter One is not because it is the most important thing, but it is essential that we develop a conscious awareness that everything comes from one Sourceeverything. You do not take a breath on your own, because if you did and you forgot about it you would stop breathing, or while you were sleeping you would stop breathing. Have you ever considered that ‘something is breathing you’, metabolising every cell in your body? If you think about the sun that shines, who shines the sun? Who digests your food, filters your blood?  All the intelligence in every one of the trillion cells in your body is some universal intelligence that’s governing this entire universe, and how the planets are perfect in design and organised. Everything is working with perfection in this entire universe. Why is this awareness so important? It’s because Source Energy is this one infinite omnipotent source all powerful  that when you have an awareness that everything comes from this one source, including you, and everything about you, and everything in your world, you tap into that immense omnipotent power which can literally have the potential to change your life forever  just by shifting your awareness of it, and being in appreciation of it.

Here are a few tips on how we can develop this awareness of connection to Source.

Keep a Gratitude Journal of everything; think of everything in your life, from the fact that your eyes can watch this video, or your ears can hear this message, or the fact that your brain is so intelligent. We have no understanding of how these sound waves reach your ears, and these tiny little bones through which a nerve goes to your brain and actually interprets what I am saying with understanding. It’s really a miracle. Count your blessings. This always helps me ‘What if I woke up to tomorrow only with the things I was grateful for yesterday?’ That really helps us think about what we should be grateful for.

Take time in nature. Notice everything. We are such intelligent human beings we can put rockets on the moon, but we cannot manufacture, from scratch, a blade of grass. There is so much intelligence everywhere in this universe from a bee flying around a flower, working every day, knowing what it needs to do. Walking in nature, looking at everything, with appreciation, can help us develop that awareness.  If you are a person of faith, pray. It is a highly intentional act. Most importantly, I would say is meditation. There are a million ways you can do that, but meditation has one thing in common, it is the awareness of our breath.  Our breath is that one connector, truly, of that life force called Source Energy or God, that’s operating you. You can control it with your awareness, slow it down or speed it up, or hold your breath; but essentially if you are not aware of it, it’s automatic. The way I love to term it is, ‘I am the breath of God. You are the breath of God. You truly are.’ Chapter one is to develop an awareness of your connection to Source Energy.

My friends have a wonderful day, and look out for the next video where we talk about finding your life purpose.


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