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Every Person In Your Life Has A Role To Play

Every person in your life has a role to play. The following quote is from an unknown source. It says, “In life you will realise there is a role for everyone you meet, everyone”. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you”. But the ones who are truly important are the ones that bring out the best in you; they are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.

Think of all your relationships. Let’s start off with the people that annoy you. There’s a saying, “What you resist persists’. Did you know it’s a good thing to actually be very aware of relationships like that? Keep telling yourself that these people are actually your teachers. They are here to teach you something, whether that may be acceptance of people just as they are, or forgiveness to get rid of something that you have been harbouring or carrying for a long time, resentment, suppressed anger, or perhaps how to develop unconditional love, which is really the evolution of the human being. We are souls at the end of the day, in physical bodies. The ultimate destination towards which we are heading is ‘unconditional love’ and that’s what we are meant to learn in this lifetime.  As hard as it may seem, allowing those kinds of people in our lives can a wonderful learning experience,  remind yourself of that and see if we can become better because of them.

In the saying where it says, ‘some will use you’, – that’s just an awareness that if we love ourselves enough, we get that reflected back to us into the world. Therefore, if anyone has an awareness of being used continuously, my message to you is, “The relationship you need to mend is the one with yourself”.  As you increase and develop more self-love, you will find that people love you more, stop using you and treat you better. The more you respect yourself the more others will respect you.  A technique that I recommend that is quite popular and is proven to be highly successful, comes from Louise Hay in what she calls, ‘Mirror Work’. You can read it her inspiring books – ‘How to Heal Your Life’ or ‘The Power Within You’.  The way it works is that you look into the mirror every day and you tell yourself you love yourself.  It may sound a bit weird but it really does work. The one that I like to use is, “I love myself, I believe in myself, and I am worthy and deserving of fulfilling all my hopes and desires”. Repeat that 20 times at the beginning of every day.

Then there are the ones that love you. The people in your life that truly love you, treasure them, and make an effort to maintain a wonderful relationship with them. Always try to be your best and be conscious and aware of how you are with them. Be a role model.  Always try to challenge them to think higher, to act higher, to be better and ask them to do the same with you.  Practice reminding each other of how you each can become better.

Relationships are really our best personal development learning ground of all time. There is no better opportunity for major personal growth as in our relationships, and above all with your significant other. Make use of your relationships to better yourself, role model the best, and challenge other people to become better as well. I hope that’s been helpful. Otherwise my friends, have a wonderful day and God bless.

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