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These five tips are focus areas on how to unlock more of your potential. At the end I will also tell you why the Silva Method is the best way to integrate them into your life. Did you know you have unlimited potential? There’s no limit to what you can do! So where does all of this amazing potential reside? Where is it locked up? The answer: in deep reservoirs of the mind, and here are the five focus areas for unlocking more of your potential.

1. Focus on your STRENGTHS

If you do what you’re good at, you’re going to love what you do. Love what you do, do what you love. When you start mixing all that passion and enthusiasm into anything that you do, you become contagious. You affect others, you become someone that inspires other people, and you’re going to do well.

Don’t focus on the talents and gifts that you’re weak at. If you want to focus on weaknesses, focus on things like bad habits, procrastination, negative thinking…but when it comes to your talents and gifts to unlock your potential, find out what you’re good at.

2. Focus on TODAY

Focus on today to unlock more of your potential. Thinking about the past could be a bad habit, a way of thinking in the rear view mirror all the time. There’s a reason why the front windscreen of a car is way bigger than the rear view mirror. There’s nothing wrong with reflection that is intentional and asking what you can learn from yesterday.  However, the only reason that you want to reflect is to understand what we did well, what we could have done better, and how would we do it differently next time to act better in the future. So don’t think too much in the past and also don’t think too much in the future. Think about today, because what you apply today is really sowing the seeds for your future.

3. Focus on your PRIORITIES

Prioritising can be a life changing thing for you if you learn how to do this well. You see, it is a lack of direction, not lack of time that causes failure. Prioritising ensures that you’re focusing on what you can do today.  Prioritising makes sure that within today, you’re going to take action, use more of your potential and move more towards your goals.

4. Focus on your RESULTS

We can all get caught up on having a bad day, or maybe having a bad week, maybe a bad month. To be honest, I’ve known some people who’ve had more than a bad year. So when you’re feeling a little bit lost, or you’re feeling a bit down, just know that it happens to all of us.

To get back on track we need to be asking ourselves a couple of questions, and in the Silva Method, we do this in a deep state of meditation called the alpha state. Here are the questions:

  • What do I want to create in my life?
  • Why do I want to create it?
    • Why is linked to purpose. The stronger the why, the more motivation, passion, enthusiasm and fuel is in your rocket to achieve it.
  • What talents and gifts do I have to achieve this? Stay in your strength zone.
  • When do I want to achieve this?
  • How does this relate to others? We are looking for an extended benefit factor.

5. Focus on your CONTRIBUTION

Most of us go through a process in life where we first need to have achieved a certain level of success and accomplishments, which is focusing on the first four questions listed above. But when we get there, there comes a time when life really has not much meaning or purpose unless we’re making a significant contribution.

So I love the question: “How does this relate to others?” because the minute we see how things we want in life benefit others, we can then start living with intention. This is how we live a purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilling life. When we become a better person, we can contribute more to others.

The Silva Method’s entire program and tagline, from José Silva himself, is

A Better You
A Better World

Finally, why do I say the Silva Method is the best way to make this part of your life and it’s not just some information I’m sharing with you? It is because the biggest gap in the world is between what we know, and what we do. And everybody struggles with this.

In the Silva Method, which is a Dynamic Meditation based program, we retrain the brain in deep states of meditation, when the brain is most receptive to programming the subconscious mind. In that state, using guided imagery, we write new neurological pathways to help change the old programming (of not taking action) to ensuring that in the conscious, waking state, our behaviours lead us to taking the steps we need to take. We literally close that gap between knowing and doing, and this makes us most effective and helps us unlock more of our infinite potential.

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